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5 Online tools I cannot live without

Over the last year of working from my little (but comfortable) home office,  I have found that there are tons of great apps and tools available that have helped to manage my daily working life and in return I have become more productive (well sort of!).

The following are my top 5 online tools that I use daily and what I love the most is that they are all free!

1. WhatsApp - a great app that I use every day to send messages and images from my Phone.

2. Google Apps - email calendar, docs. What's not to love?

3. Facebook - this is a no brainer a free social media outlet that shouldn't be underestimated.

4. Skype - a great communication tool that allows me to speak to clients from all over the world.

5. Evernote - is a great tool that "remembers everything". I find the free version fine for what I need it to do.

P.S another "tool" I certainly can't function without is my coffee machine..although it wasn't free it's priceless to me!!

Posted by Helena at 13:10